Model History

cropped-RS_13_00.jpgPhase 1 : dedicated to the UK market RHD.
Manufactured from february  to april 2000 : 
5 prototypes (2 coupes, 3 convertibles)
95 production units (45 coupes 50 convertibles)

Phase 2 : export market LHD (except japan).
Manufactured from May to dec 2000 :
455 units, coupes and convertibles 


RS_09_00 RS_04_01 RS_07_00 RS_03_01

Jonathan Browning, Jaguar’s Managing Director :

« the XKR “Silverstone”, with its supercharged engine, finely tuned chassis and distinctive style, is a sports car for the true driving enthusiast. »

Based on the  specification of the XKR, the car benefits from enhancement both in performance and design. The cars were all finished in a Platinum silver paint finish (with the convertibles having a complementing black hood), and carried the unique distinctive Silverstone badging. 

Complemented by a new contrasting leather piped sports interior and a unique “smoke” stained maple veneer fascia, the car was also endowed with an upgraded chassis and braking system designed by the Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations team (SVO). This included Brembo brakes and a sophisticated CATS system (Computer Active Technology Suspension).

More noticeable are the 20in diameter BBS “Detroit” wheels with ultra-low profile Pirelli PZero tyres, with a ten inche width at the rear and nine inches in front.
The engine remained the same 370bhp supercharged 4.0 litre AJ-V8 as in the stock XKR, which could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph  in around 5.2 seconds.

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