This register has been created by both the XK8 Forum and Xclusively Jaguar to allow the lucky owners of the X100 Silverstone series to register their car, and thus provide a comprehensive, documented and up-to-date registry of Silverstone ownership.

If you are an owner and wish to register your car, please complete the questionnaire in the Register your Silverstone page. Before starting, make sure that you have all relevant details as well as at least 5 views of your car (3/4 front, front, side, rear, interior), as these will be required.

Registering will give you membership access to the site, which enables you to view a list of all the already registered members and their cars’ photos, as well as download a listing of all produced units.

In case of any difficulties, inquiries or technical questions, please contact us through our Contact page.

The data provided is of under the responsibility of each owner.